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The API allows you to go beyond the features we provide out of the box and build something better suited for your needs.


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There are two ways to fit the platform to your needs :

  • First, using the API, you can first upload the resume on the platform. Then, after the scoring, you can specify a stage and a rating on each profile to retrain the filters.
  • Alternatively, using the API you can upload resume on the platform and directly specify the stage and rating for each profile. This will train the filter at the same time and will be less time consuming.

We developed wrappers for many languages to make it easy for you to use the API. There are currently 6 languages supported :

  • Javascript/Node
  • PHP
  • Python
  • C#
  • Java
  • Ruby

To start with one of these languages, see the corresponding page in the packages menu. We also provide tips around some of the most popular frameworks in the framework menu.

If you want to use the API with another language, we also included cURL examples in our API documentation to show how the request should be sent.

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