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What is Riminder?

The most advanced AI assistant for Talent Assessment.

Riminder is the 1st AI recruiter assistant that automates talent assessment by leveraging state of the art Deep Learning technology.

Our unique technology qualifies every experience, project, education, or transition in a resume or a profile. Riminder allows recruiters to assess applicants across all backgrounds by analyzing millions of career paths.

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Why Riminder

To hire the best talents, companies must be able to identify them across backgrounds. However, current assessment tools are outdated which makes recruiting both time-consuming and ineffective.

The major challenges of the 21st century and the centuries to come for recruiters are:

  • handling the increasing diversity of talents mainly with globalization and the access to information.
  • keeping up with the rapidly changing job landscape. According to HR Business Review more than 60% of the actual jobs will disappear in the next 2 decades.
    So Imagine if you’re receiving 30 000 resumes a week like one of our average current clients. How would you identify the best talent ? How do you evaluate all of the candidate data?
    Doing something as simple as a search to assess all this resumes is not even possible.

Evaluations today are often based on biased criteria such as well known schools or companies which fails to reveal the full potential of a prospective candidate. They favor prestige over potential and foster cloning hiring patterns in companies. Furthermore, because those tools are not smart enough to translate diverse set of experiences and backgrounds they overlook the majority of high potential candidates and reveal false positives.

Riminder's Benefits

At Riminder, we developed the 1st AI recruiter assistant that automates talent assessment and allows recruiters to assess all applicants across backgrounds by analyzing millions of career paths.
Riminder qualifies every element of the profile of the candidate - namely the working experiences, projects, educations, skills, transitions over the career path and even the hidden skills.
For example, in a traditional keywords system a “sous-chef” and an “event manager” positions are unrelated. At the opposite, our technology understand the transversal skills and hidden correlations between these two roles - such as being highly organised and being able to perform well under pressure.

Our solution allows to :

  • Identify 3x more talents
  • Interview 4x less candidates
    and as a consequence, we can reduce up to 75% the costs of the assessment process and allow the recruiters to concentrate on tasks that are emotionally intelligent.

What is Riminder?

The most advanced AI assistant for Talent Assessment.

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